Highway Beautification
Management System
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Welcome to the Highway Beautification Management System (HBMS), the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation's (PennDOT) management tool for the effective control of Outdoor Advertising Devices. PennDOT is required to uphold the laws regulating the placement of Outdoor Advertising Devices. As a current or potential sign owner, this site provides you the ability to submit an application for an Outdoor Advertising Device permit online. It also facilitates the review and approval of your application and provides PennDOT with the ability to electronically communicate with sign owners about their permits.

PennDOT is required to administer and issue these permits to meet Federal Highway Administration regulations related to the Control of Outdoor Advertising section of the Highway Beautification Act. The regulation of Outdoor Advertising Devices is governed by The Outdoor Advertising Control Act of 1971, Act No. 160 (Act 160) and Title 67, Pa. Code, Chapter 445 (Chapter 445).

PennDOT is responsible for the safety of the motoring public, which doesn't begin and end "between the painted lines"; the areas beyond the highway pavement are also our concern. We must ensure that the highway right-of-way area, including the shoulder and beyond, is free and clear of any objects that might distract motorists and cause accidents.
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